3rd Shabbaton In Australia!

The Lechu V’Nelcha girls in Australia have just returned from a Shabbaton of their lifetime! A 3-day retreat in Emerald, Melbourne, directed by our extremely devoted Mrs. Dassy Ernst who gladly did whatever she could in order to make this dream a reality, and baruch Hashem all her efforts and hard work bore fruit-it was a success in every way! The highlight of the Shabbaton was of course having Rebbetzin Fink flown in all the way from New York to lend her trademark warmth and words of stimulating inspiration which the girls will hold on to for months to come….. The 25Shabbaton members rejuvenated and reconnected in an atmosphere of warm camaraderie and intellectual stimulation and were a part of the unparalleled spiritual energy that is synonymous with a Lechu V’Nelcha Shabbaton.

An Australian LVN member writes: ”There are really no words that can adequately portray the feelings and emotions as you walk out of a Lechu Venelcha Shabbaton but I’ll try to do some justice to the incredible experience that I just went through. Between the personal welcome packages, special accommodations and scrumptious food, our gashmiyus was all taken care of, though it was totally unparalleled to the ruchniyus at Shabbaton. Rebbetzin Fink began the Friday night welcome with a bang by introducing us to novel and innovative concepts, sparking discussion and much thought. We were taught new ideas over Shabbos, such as the difference between ahavah and yirah, exercising our bechirah and how to respond when given a compliment. The high that we felt throughout every speech was unreal and the achdus and warmth by the meals created an atmosphere of acceptance and growth. The messages from the Shabbaton will stay with me and I am forever grateful to those involved with the preparation and organisation. A huge thank you to Rebbetzin Fink for all the effort that she put into the Shabbaton and for setting the tone and making us feel so welcome!”


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