4th LVN Shabbaton in Eretz Yisrael

As Lechu V’Nelcha branches continue to dot the map, we have become acquainted with different states, new countries and languages, and foreign continents.

The latest LVN Shabbaton was held in the heat of the summer in Ohr Haganuz, just 5 min away from Meiron.  Rebbetzin Dinah Fink, from New York, joined them, to lead their Shabbaton in trademark Lechu V’Nelcha style, with inspiring lectures and warm zemiros. The Shabbaton, under the devoted tutelage of Mrs. Mark, was catered and organized by the girls themselves and they planned a Shabbos that was incredible in its every detail and design. Like the experience of participants of LVN Shabbatonim worldwide, the combination of the dynamic program and the camaraderie of like-minded peers gave the participants a weekend they are sure to remember for a long time to come, and a motivational charge to stick to the core of LVN, the weekly shiur. “Bais Yaakov lechu v’nelcha b’ohr Hashem.”

As one mother of a Yerushalayim LVN participant put it, “My daughter lives for her Lechu V’Nelcha, it gives her so much! It’s something that really enriches her whole life. Between the speakers, the activities, and the Shabbatons, she feels like she’s found a new family! Friends that are so Torah-oriented and so positive. She comes back from the shiurim and especially the Shabbatons really inspired. She wants everyone to go there and she tries to spread the word.”

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