New LVN Branch in Queens

Lechu V’Nelcha is continuing its unprecedented expansion around the globe! The location may differ but the system is always the same. Each location sets up a consistent schedule with a shiur given the same day each week.

The LVN branch in Queens was launched on Sunday, September 3, by our wonderful and dedicated new coordinators, Tova Tanenbaum, Chavy Savitsky and Yocheved Wagner, who prepared for the event with so much heart and effort. We welcome you warmly to our LVN crew!

Rebbetzin Dinah Fink, founder and director of LVN, led the event, imparting to the girls her warm words of chizuk and inspiration, whilst highlighting the value of joining the weekly shiur on a consistent basis, describing it as the best step to take in ensuring a solid hashkafic foundation.

During the opening event, the girls heard a personal message from Harav Mattisyahu Salomon, shlita, Mashgiach of Bais Medrash Govoha in Lakewood, who described the vital necessity of the organization. “Lechu V’Nelcha is a wonderful project…upon which the future success of every Bais Yaakov depends…. It’s important. It’s vital. Without which I don’t think any girl can survive. And without which a family of bnei Torah will not be able to develop the way that the Bais Yaakov really wants them to develop.”

To give the girls a taste of what LVN is all about, they viewed a slideshow of LVN shiurim, activities and Shabbatons around the world.  To see girls just like themselves, on different continents, speaking different languages, in different locales, but all hearing the same message of aliyah and growth, truly resonated. It drove home the feeling that the LVN ideal is universal; the thirst for Torah knowledge and wisdom is relevant to every post-seminary girl, no matter where on the map she may find herself.

May the Eibershter repay you for all your efforts and kindness with an abundance of brachah and hatzlachah in both your personal life as well as in your avodas hakodesh.