Please read the instructions clearly, as otherwise you may book improperly which will cause your request not to be honored.

  • You must use a unique email address to book a room, you cannot use one email address for two girls.
  • There are a limited number of rooms for 3 girls available. If you want such a room, please reach out to us. They are being given out on a first come first serve basis.
  1. Find your Shabbaton ticket number under the QR code on the event ticket (not add-on day ticket) that was attached to your booking confirmation email.
  2. Select a room number (coordinate with your roommate).
  3. Enter the shabbaton dates
  4. Fill out the reservation form with your details and roommate’s ticket number.
  5. Submit your room request.
  6. Your request will be reviewed and approved. Your reservation will be pending until it is approved.
To Request a Roomate: 
    1. Choose an available room and tell the room number to the girl who you plan to have as your roommate.
    2. Both you and your roommate will need to submit the room request form using the same room number that you pre-arranged.
    3. You will also need to enter your roommate’s ticket code into the reservation form so be sure to get that from them.
    4. Make sure you and your roommate don’t choose the same number in the room. (ex. you 5032-1 your roommate 5032-2)
  • Note: Roommate requests must be mutual in order for them to be honored.
  • While we try to accommodate requests as much as possible, requests are not guaranteed. Booking a specific room number does NOT guarantee that it will be your room at the Shabbaton.
  • Please be sure that you choose the correct room before submitting your reservation. There will be no changes after form submission.

Need Help?
  • If you registered for a room and do not have a roommate request, please email and we will pair you up with another girl and advise you which room to book.