LVN in Belgium – Agudah

Mrs. Geminder, the director of LVN Belgium, immediately impressed me with her sincerity. As she described the special caliber of the girls that participate in her programs, it is obvious that they are all on the same page. The goal of all those who are involved in LVN is to benefit from the spiritual treasures that the shiurim have to offer. They have no need for splashy events, superficial hype or expensive accoutrements in order to get them interested. They just want to be inspired and Mrs. Geminder makes sure that that happens every time. The girls gather together each week in the central Agudah Hall for shiurim, with different community speakers coming to inspire the group. They eagerly draw chizuk as well from the periodic emails, divrei torah and articles that Rebbetzin Fink sends out to all global LVN members, in an effort to connect all the world-wide branches.

Every month, the Sunday before Rosh Chodesh, they have a special program. Whether it is musical entertainment or a special discussion panel, Mrs. Geminder tries to arrange something unique to add a special flavor to the schedule. For Rosh Chodesh Kislev, besides for preparing a special repast for the girls to enjoy, she also coordinated an intriguing chidon to challenge the girls and enliven the atmosphere. For Rosh Chodesh Shvat she plans to show the girls the special audio-visual presentation featuring Harav Mattisyahu Salomon, shlita, who imparts the important message regarding how vital LVN is for graduates of the Bais Yaakov system.

Lechu V’Nelcha is fortunate to have Mrs. Geminder at the helm in Belgium, where she is dedicated to providing the girls with exactly what they are yearning for. The inspiration to live their lives on a spiritual plane that will keep them growing and connecting to Torah and Hashem.

Tzippy Zager