Monsey Hosts ‘Welcome Home Event’

The Lechu V’Nelcha branch in Monsey had a beautiful and successful start to a new year! Our wonderfully dedicated and hardworking coordinators, Livshy Bick and Toby Matlin, directed a ‘Welcome Home’ event for new seminary graduates, to invite them to join the already flourishing Lechu V’Nelcha branch.

The attendees heard the strong message emphasized by Harav Mattisyahu Salomon, shlita, Mashgiach of Bais Medrash Govoha in Lakewood, who described the vital necessity of the organization. “Lechu V’Nelcha is a wonderful project…upon which the future success of every Bais Yaakov depends…. It’s important. It’s vital. Without which I don’t think any girl can survive. And without which a family of bnei Torah will not be able to develop the way that the Bais Yaakov really wants them to develop.”

Rebbetzin Dinah Fink, founder and director of LVN, led the event, welcoming the new participants with her warm words of inspiration and chizuk.  It is heartwarming to see the excitement and camaraderie that is generated as more and more girls get involved in the special electricity that is a signature of the LVN program.