New Weekly Shiur in Boro Park!

We are happy to announce an exciting new development in Boro Park! This past Wednesday marked the launch of a new weekly shiur for working girls of all ages under the auspices of the worldwide organization Lechu V’Nelcha.  Girls filled the spacious hall of Young Israel of Bethel to hear the sought-after speaker Rabbi Fischel Schachter!

Excitement filled the air as the girls eagerly absorbed the uplifting and encouraging words of Rabbi Schachter. The girls enjoyed his trademark humorous, engaging and inspiring manner.

Rabbi Schacter compared our challenges today to a person wearing virtual reality glasses. The person thinks he is standing on the edge of a terrifying cliff and at any moment, he will fall. But as soon as he takes off his glasses, he realizes he was on solid ground all along. So too, when Moshiach comes in one instant everything will become crystal clear, and our job now is to trust and daven. Part of the tafkid is not knowing the tafkid!

Once the shiur was over girls interacted with the other participants as they partook of the delicious buffet. Girls expressed their eager anticipation for following Wednesday night’s speaker! 

Rabbi Nechemia Grama will be the speaker at the next shiur and other speakers will include Rabbi Avraham Schorr, Rabbi Ephraim Shapiro, and Ms. Chevy Garfinkel. This weekly shiur promises to be a popular and inspiring Brooklyn event with excellent speakers, refreshments and ambiance!

The shiur will take place every Wednesday evening at Young Israel of Bethel 4802 15th Ave., (entrance on 48th St.). Doors open at 7:45 pm and the shiur begins promptly at 8:00 pm, followed by light refreshments. For more information please call 1718-4-800-LVN (586) or email Or visit us at 

Looking forward to welcoming you there!