Summer Retreat in La Plagna, French Alps!

Dear Retreat Member,

It is with excitement and anticipation that we eagerly welcome you to our upcoming LVN Summer Retreat in the French Alps. In a matter of days, you’ll be on your way to meet girls from Brooklyn, Baltimore, London, Yerushalayim, and Europe, as we all join together for the same purpose: to relax and rejuvenate through an enriching and meaningful vacation in La Plagne.

La Plagne, a famous ski-resort area is a gorgeous chain of mountains in the Northern Alps of France. In the summer, lush green meadows appear below the white snow-capped mountains and the clear blue skies, creating truly stunning surroundings. We will be staying in the Hotel “Les Rhododendrons”, a Club Hotel designed in a Youth Hostel style which is quaint and cozy to suit our needs. You will come to enjoy the peace and quiet and drink in the breathtaking scenery. Great mountain trails, endless hiking routes and stunning scenery make La Plagne a summer paradise which is why we chose this specific mountain area.

This summer experience will be spiritually rejuvenating, socially enriching, and physically invigorating! A fantastic program has been prepared, combining outstanding shiurim and invigorating outdoor activities daily.

Following a scrumptious breakfast and ‘packing lunch sandwiches’, our day will begin with a morning shiur at 9:30-11:00 given by Rabbi Todros Miller on the topic of the 13 Ikrim of Emunah. We will then set out on our outdoor excursions spending most of the day outdoors amidst the gorgeous Alps. The daily trips will include boating, gondolas, biking, hiking, adventure trails, chairlifts, cable cars, scenic walks and much more. A hot, delicious supper will await you when you return to the hotel, (all food is under the hashgacha of Rav Padova from Switzerland), which will be followed by an evening shiur at 8:30, for about an hour, given by Rabbi Miller, on various perakim of Tehillim. In addition, Rebbetzin Dinah Fink will be giving shiurim on Shemonah Perakim L’Rambam whilst we’re on our daily outings.

Our hikes will lead us to breathtaking views, where you will feel small and big at the same time as you stand at the top of the majestic world in front of you – feeling that you’re in the lap of Hashem Himself. You will find hiking in the Alps to be the most enjoyable and exhilarating experience.

We look forward to spending an inspiring and relaxing two weeks together with you. As always, with LVN, we’ll soar ONWARD and UPWARD as we unite for two spectacular weeks of spiritual growth and physical rejuvenation, in the perfect surroundings!

Wishing you a safe journey and eagerly awaiting your arrival,

Lechu V’Nelcha


See pictures of Lechu V’Nelcha summer retreat in La Plagna, France