Mrs. B.

I am so grateful to have had LVN a part of my life! Each week, I would wait for the weekly LVN shiur to relax intellectually and off-course gain my weekly inspiration on emunah and avodas hamiddos. The shiurim were given with such depth and clarity and helped me internalise what it is that Hashem wants from me at each given moment. The lessons I learnt gave me tremendous koiches to be able to deal with life’s challenges and helped me become a much more content and grateful person. I definitely can say that I am a different mother today because of LVN!

London, England

F.G. Sugar

…Oh, how we used to squeeze into Rebbetzin Fink’s dining room every Monday night. We found rides with each other, and we made sure to come early to get a seat. The comradeship, the warm atmosphere, the candies on the table. And the shiur! Each lesson was an intellectual and spiritual delight, which challenged our minds and our hearts. A question, another question, a third, it built up, it built up-and then…the masterful conclusion, the powerful, penetrating lesson, so clear, so true and then made so relevant to our daily lives…
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Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael