If there’s one word that comes to mind, it is connection. Connection with each other and connection to our Father above. All my friends, all the girls from that trip, even if I would not recall their name, if I would meet them today, I would feel a kinship. A kinship of the soul that says: “We were at a Lechu V’Nelcha retreat together.” Writing this now, I feel …
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Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael


Rabbi Miller’s shiurim are brilliant behond brilliant! Rabbi Miller dispels many kindergarten myths about our relationship with Hashem. I used to believe in Hashem; now I know there’s a G-d. You feel that you come to your own conclusions with the shiurim. You’re not being told something in a preachy style, which is very thrilling. The Ani Maamins now have a whole different meaning for me. It gave me a foundation in emunah, which no one gets in school, because it’s geared to us – mature young women. And it’s something we can hold on to the entire year.