Dear wonderful mothers (yes we might as well acknowledge ourselves) of precious, oh, so precious, yiddishe daughters, post-seminary and more.


Just a few words straight from the heart and long overdue, to express my personal feelings and strong appreciation for the Lechu V’Nelcha world-wide program.

As a privileged mother of now the third daughter participating in Lechu V’Nelcha, my heart just overflows with appreciation to this wonderful and in-place organization, and gratitude to Hashem Yisborach, who initiated and founded and enabled to come to fruition the dream of Lechu V’Nelcha. Initially it began on a small scale gathering encouraging ex-seminary girls to come together once a week to hear a shiur on a variety of topics. It has since expanded, with great siyatta DiShmaya, sprouted and blossomed with leaps and bounds, from beyond the shores of America, to some 35 locations all over the world.

The girls thoroughly enjoy and thrive in these active and productive gatherings, the rich and enjoyable social side, making new acquaintances, and rich in the spiritual sense with its’ excellent series of hashkafah shiurim given by a team of top & well – known Rebbanim and Rebbetzins. It is literally filling a void, a situation which up to now was somewhat overlooked, for the English- speaking post-seminary girls, in the teaching and working environment.

Who still yearns to connect to their seminary days, which were so fulfilling and rich in ruchniyus’dik shiurim, amidst their new status? In a sense, this framework can be compared to the amazing breakthrough of Beis Yaakov schooling, implemented by Sara Schenirer with only pure intentions. One could say that it has transformed this transit situation from a so-to-speak “waiting room” between seminary and marriage to a productive and fulfilling period that our girls could truly enjoy and grow.

And let’s come to the highlights of the year – firstly, meeting Rebbetzin Fink, the founder of Lechu V’Nelcha in person. She actually flies in to many locations over the world to meet the girls personally, speak to them and encourage the further development of Lechu V’Nelcha. The girls truly bask in and enjoy her company and wonderful shiurim. A second, and by no means less highlight of the year, are the bi-yearly Shabbatons with Lechu V’Nelcha in a beautifully scenic setting and excellently planned schedule down to the tiniest details. The Shabbos menu is heimish and delicious, the program is thoroughly enjoyable in a fun yet Ruchniyus setting, heart – warming, tochen’dik and uplifting, bringing smiles to many faces and touching the hearts – and neshamos – of the girls. Choshuve Rebbetzins, join these Shabbatons and enhance them with their presence, their spiritual input, and good relationship with the girls. The girls have a chance to spend quality time together in an exceptionally joyful way, singing together the zemiros at the Shabbos table, davening together, participating in the packed full program, sleeping together (not too much, though) and even bringing out their musical talents at a Motzoei Shabbos, spontaneous, musical presentation. Yes, a real whale of a time! We have heard it said by the girls themselves – I have come home from this Shabbaton a different person to when I left. We will never know how many hours, brain-power and efforts were invested in these special Shabbatons, by its’ organizors, but they are matzliach. Beyond our hopes & aspirations.

The latest kenness in Yerushalayim drew in over one-thousand of the English, European, Israeli and American seminary girls, boarding and living in Eretz Yisrael. It was a true success and kiddush Hashem imbuing the girls with spiritual fuel to aspire higher and continue on the way of our ancestors while living in today’s generation with all its’ challenges.

Top speakers came in from outside and this was finale-d by the presence of Mrs. Tammy Carmel, who brought the audience to breathtaking feelings, and also to tears. The finale was very fitting with a unanimous outburst from the girls, singing  “נקדש את שמך בעולם”  It was a true kiddush Hashem.

Our response to Lechu V’Nelcha is chazak v’nitchazek – it should go further m’chayil l’chayil and be matzliach in providing all these wonderful Bnos Yisroel truly with its’ fruits, in such an ehrliche and enjoyable way. As one father mistakenly, yet so interestingly announced to his daughters one evening – “so tonight you are going to your Lechu Neranena…”   Yes it is definitely a song of praise and thanks to Hashem Yisborach!


Footnote – heard from a Lechu V’Nelcha graduate:

This Lechu V’Nelcha organization played such a central part in my pre – marriage years (2-3 years) that I simply can’t fathom how, prior is its’ existence, the girls got married without it. (And as a matter of fact now that I’m married, the only thing I’m sorry about is that I’m no longer invited to join its functions!!)




Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael