I am married with several children and  the time I spent with Lechu V’Nelcha 5 and 6 years ago is still with me.  (I attended the first 4 Shabbatons and the 1st summer retreat up to six weeks before I got married.)

I went to an excellent school and a wonderful seminary, yet nothing has had as much of an impact on my day to day life, my attitudes, and behavior as a wife and mother, as the Lechu V’Nelcha’s Shabbatons and Rebbetzin Fink’s shiurim. The zechus of hearing divrei Torah from so many chashuve Rabbanim and Rebbetzins, the singing, the schmoozing, the connection with so many like-minded women in the same stage, is something I still miss tremendously.

I recall that on one of the first Shabbaton, someone asked Rabbi Todros Miller shlita how you can justify spending so much money on a Shabbaton, when single girls should perhaps be saving their money to support their future husbands in kollel. He said “A wife is not a bank machine. If you invest in yourself and you become a better person, you will bring into your marriage a better wife, that will add much more to your marriage and your Torahdig lifestyle than another couple of hundred dollars in your bank account.” His answer, I thought at the time was brilliant, but I now appreciate it so much more, when I’m living the truth of his words. If you are a single girl looking to set your life on a better path, I strongly urge you not to miss this opportunity. It’s  a small investment and the benefits last a lifetime!

Mrs. M.

Montreal, Canada