As a high school and seminary graduate, I have attended many conventions, Shabbatons, and inspiring trips. But the LVN “Weekend of Inspiration” in Edison was unique. I don’t think I ever had a Shabbos before where I can honestly say that a week and a half later; I am still on a high. This Shabbos was not just uplifting and inspiring, but eye-opening and life-changing. As a token of appreciation to Rebbetzin Fink, Rabbi Miller, shlita, and all those who put in so much work in making it happen, I would like to express in writing all that I have gained over this Shabbos.

We walk the path of life
Groping in the dark
The destination seems fuzzy
The challenges are many
We are ready to give up.
Suddenly, a flash of light
It casts the goal
In a shining, twinkling glow
It beacons and pulls
And the hardships seem trivial
And we continue on
Our journey.
“Shabbos of Inspiration” provided that glow
And we continue basking in its’ rays.

Friday afternoon the program started
With a slide show about Hashem’s wondrous creation
Dr. Presby had us all enthralled
Mah rabu maasechah Hashem” was our exclamation.

The Friday afternoon shiur from Rabbi Miller, shlita
Answered a question we all have
“In this racing, hurrying lives we lead
What awaits us at the end of the path?”

The response is comforting
We are heading straight to Olam Haba
We use this world’s tools to help us get there
And don’t make a destination of this chayei sha’a.

Shabbos is a me’ein Olam Haba
We need a weekly reminder of this
Likras Shabbos lechu V’Nelcha
We are marching towards the ultimate bliss.

After welcoming the Shabbos Queen
And feeling its magic descend
Rebbetzin Fink spoke about self-development
It is only a means to an end.

It’s seven for the sake of ten, she said
The yachid for the sake of the klal
Work on yourself for the sole purpose
Of benefiting klal Yisrael.

During the seudah, Mrs. Kaisman
Continued on with this theme
When we talk about true success, she said
People are not sure exactly what you mean.

Can we judge our self-worth
Based on gifts given by Hashem?
The only reason we got them in first place
We should make good use of them.

Use natural talents, abilities and skills
To strive for true inner success
The type only Hashem will know about
There is on one else we need to impress.

This was better understood
By the question and answer session with Rabbi Miller Friday night
He cast misconceptions aside
And brought new ideas to light.

We are here for one purpose only
Everything else is trite
Strive to do taryag mitzvos to perfection
And serve Hashem with all your might.

We are not searching for peace and quiet
For the sake of His Name, it is sometimes necessary to fight
We continue to do what we have to
Even without feeling an elevating, spiritual delight.

Our sole purpose in davening is
Hashem should give us the ability to do what’s right
We do things with our own idealism
And don’t get carried away with the ideals of others within sight.

There is no such thing as a waiting stage
Every day is to be used to climb to a new height
And the only reason for working on out middos
We should be able to do taryag mitzvos right.

The Shabbos morning davening with R’ Miller
Was simply a delight to hear
Then a shiur about the different mitzvos
How they should be done, he made clear.

Mitzvos bein adam Lemokoim we do because Hashem said so
With no ulterior motives in mind
But bein adam lachveiro we do because we love the other person
And in giving to him, joy and delight we find.

The Shabbos morning seudah was enhanced
By Dr. Presby speaking more about Hashem’s wonders
The wisdom and detail takes your breath away
“How can anyone not see Yad Hashem?” He ponders.

Shabbos afternoon workshops were organized
There was something for everyone to enjoy
Adressing tefillah, conflicts, relationships, and more
We got many useful tools to employ.

The Shabbos afternoon shiur from Rabbi Miller
Had us excited beyond words
We discovered unique qualities within every yid
And this is what we heard;

We all inherited the characteristics of Yosef
Of not being influenced by man
With conviction and commitment, we strive forward
For upon our own ideals we stand.

Unlike water, which is shaped by its’ surrounding
We are compared to a leaping flame
We are the “beni bechori” of Hashem
Not necessarily different from the next person, yet never the same.

During shalosh seudis, we were inspired once again
With a shiur from Mrs. Rothschid on Tehillim
Our lives are full of ups and downs, just like Dovid Hamelech’s
How to deal with our challenges, we learn from him.

Motzoei Shabbos, a comedy was presented
Infused with simchah the atmosphere
And if anyone had personal questions to ask
Rabbi Miller was ready to hear.

We were uplifted once again by Mrs. Kaisman speaking
On the topic of making changes stay
It takes a lot of time and work
Yet the end results will surely pay!

The kumzitz Motzoei Shabbos
Went on for hours on end
With the power of neginah we can reach heights
That even the mind can’t comprehend.

Sunday morning dawned
It was hard to say good bye
The final speech from Rabbi Miller
Was sure to keep us on a high.

The two middos of this generation,
Chuzpah and jealousy, terrible things to be had
Yet it is with these traits that we will bring Moshiach
It doesn’t have to be used for the bad.

“Don’t be jealous of what she has, be jealous of who she is”
Use chutzpah in the same way
Even when it seems Hashem is telling us to leave
We do not listen, but stay.

In our quest for kirvas Elokim
We are never satisfied with a “no”
Then we can be called “ohavov shel Melech
And towards Moshiach we’ll go.

We wrapped it up with one more song from Rebbetzin Fink
Al kol ahodecha” from her father, a precious gem
And with after wishing us tzeischem leshalom
We were ready to go on, Lechu V’Nelcha beor Hashem!!

Goldie M.

Montreal, Canada