Inviting, uniting,
Girls around the
Globe, here for one
Purpose, to
Learn, expand,
Grow, extend,
Experience. Understand
Diversity and unity
Differences melting
Fading away,
As we sing late at night,
And have discussions all day.

Friends from that moment
We first meet;
All a part of the LVN family.
Building a choma ,
Lechu V’Nelcha
Onward, upward,
Moving toward
The Be’or Hashem. 

Vayevaser Yaakov,
He fought alone
Levado, completely
On his own, he
Collected small vessels.

We too, gather together
One small treasure
At a time. I take the
Inspiration, make the
Thought mine. Make
it a part of
my essence,
My soul,
Ani Choma,
I’m not alone.

Together as bricks
we join,
Build a wall
Create a castle.
Together we fight
To uphold
Withstand the
World around.

Keep learning
Keep growing
Keep hoping
Keep going.
Be a brick,
And keep climbing,
Onward and
Bais yaakov
Lechu V’Nelcha
Beor Hashem.


Monsey, New York