Zurich Branch Renamed Lechu V’Nelcha

The Zurich girls, as directed by Rav Breisch, shlita, renamed their weekly shiur from Gesher to Lechu V’Nelcha. Rav Breisch very much encouraged calling all the branches worldwide by the name Lechu V’Nelcha for the purpose of creating a position of strength and unity.

Our three devoted coordinators, Michal Shachter, Chave Leah Brandeis and Ruchi Cohen, arranged for a most beautiful and inspiring event to officially announce the re-naming of their branch to Lechu V’Nelcha!  And what an opening night it was!  Rav Levy, shlita, gave the girls his warm words of support, inspiration and chizuk. His address was followed by a personal recorded message from Rebbetzin Fink, and of course as a finale they enjoyed the delicious and tastefully prepared refreshments.

What is so extraordinary about this group of girls is that they are so cohesive. Because the Zurich girls’ high school is small, all the girls know each other, so girls of all backgrounds and ages blend together in an example of pure achdus that is truly singular.