Please read the instructions clearly, as otherwise you may book improperly which will cause your request not to be honored. Please do not attempt to book your room until you have read through all of the instructions!

We are no longer accepting 3 girls per room. At this point, if you need a cot in a room, it’ll be an extra $60 per room ($20 per girl in the room)

Important Notes: 

  • In order to book a room, you must be registered for the Shabbaton. Click here for the registration link.
  • All activities take place on the second floor. So the 4th floor (rooms starting with 4) is 2 flights up.
  • The first digit of every room number is the floor number. If you want to be on a specific floor, be sure to choose a room that begins with right number.
  • You must use a unique email address to book a room, you cannot use one email address for two girls. If one of the girls don’t have an email address, you can do the following. You can take your email address (for example, and add +1 or +2 before the @ sign (so it turns into or If you have questions about this, reach out to us.
  • All rooms will have 2 regular beds and the option of getting an additional cot. There can be 2 or 3 girls per room.
  • Do not attempt to book a room that has been booked! You can check if it’s been booked by clicking ‘Book Now’, putting in the dates, and clicking next. You will then see a dropdown. If there aren’t 3 slots available, the room has been booked already. If the dropdown isn’t there, that is also an indicator that the room has been booked.
  • When we say “Adjacent Room”, we are referring to rooms that are connected.


  1. Find your Shabbaton ticket number under the QR code on the event ticket (not transportation ticket) that was attached to your booking confirmation email. It’s a 5 digit alphanumeric number. So it might look something like 5j7nu for example. THE TICKET IS IN THE ATTACHED PDF TO THE EMAIL. If you signed up before 4/28 it came in a separate email after you signed up. We are asking you to please not ask us for your ticket code before checking your email for it.
  2. Choose the category of room that you would like to reserve.
  3. Select a room number (coordinate with your roommate(s)).
  4. Enter the shabbaton dates
  5. Fill out the reservation form with your details and roommate’s ticket number.
  6. Submit your room request.
  7. Your request will be reviewed and approved. Your reservation will be pending until it is approved.

To Request a Roomate: 

    1. Choose an available room and tell the room number to the girl(s) who you plan to have as your roommate(s).
    2. Both you and all other roommates (maximum 3 per room) will need to submit the room request form using the same room number that you pre-arranged.
    3. You will also need to enter your roommate’s ticket code into the reservation form so be sure to get that from them.
    4. Make sure you and your roommate don’t choose the same number in the room. (ex. you 408 Number 1 and  your roommate 408 Number 2)
  • Note: Roommate requests must be mutual in order for them to be honored.


  • While we try to accommodate requests as much as possible, requests are not guaranteed. Booking a specific room number does NOT guarantee that it will be your room at the Shabbaton.
  • Please be sure that you choose the correct room before submitting your reservation. There will be no changes after form submission.

Need Help?

  • For questions about the room request form please contact or call 845-521-9570 or 323-283-6188 or  216-217-0950
  • If you registered for a room and do not have a roommate request, please email and we will pair you up with another girl and advise you which room to book.