Lechu V’Nelcha Chanukah Events

With over 30 branches spanning the globe, Lechu V’Nelcha has taken off in a way that few could have imagined. It offers something uniquely vital for every seminary graduate: a full menu of weekly shiurim, augmented by Chol Hamoed trips, Chanuka and Purim events, inspirational Shabbatons and exciting social activities. The desire to maintain what was learned and absorbed in seminary is universal, and Lechu V’Nelcha enables the girls to do just that.
Throughout this week of Chanukah, LVN branches worldwide have planned special events full of inspiration and camaraderie. These are one of the many much appreciated avenues that offer a built-in window for new friendships and relationships with like-minded girls of a special caliber.
Send us your pictures and write-ups about your LVN Chanukah event and see it appear here!!!

Gateshead Chanukah Event

Lakewood Chanukah Event

Yerushalayim Chanukah Event

Detroit Chanukah Event