Lechu V’Nelcha Re-ignited in Philadelphia

Lechu V’Nelcha would like to extend warmest wishes of brachah and hatzlachah to the girls of Philadelphia on re-launching their LVN branch!

Lots of hard work and heart went into creating this special event, from the delicious buffet to the notebooks and personalized cookies prepared. Thank you to Esther Meth and Rochel Nulman for preparing a most beautiful melaveh malkah and for all the effort you exerted for the launching. Thank you to Mrs. Jacobowitz for so graciously hosting the event.

The girls had the special privilege of having Rebbetzin Fink, the founder of LVN, join them to direct the event and impart to them her warm words of inspiration and chizuk.  They left feeling very encouraged to be a committed part of the Lechu V’Nelcha program.