Minneapolis and South Bend Have Joined LVN

Lechu V’Nelcha has recently opened two new Midwest branches, one in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and one in South Bend, Indiana.

On Sunday, September 18, Rebbetzin Fink traveled to Minneapolis to launch this exciting new venture. Rebbetzin Suri Gibber, menaheles of Bais Yaakov High School of Minneapolis, explains why they brought Lechu V’Nelcha to their city. “Lechu V’Nelcha provides learning opportunities for post high-school and post-seminary girls, as well as venues for social interaction. We feel that this is very important for girls at this stage of their lives.

“At Bais Yaakov, we want to provide the opportunity for alumni to not only hold onto what they gained in high school, but to keep growing. Being part of the international network of Lechu V’Nelcha helps the students feel connected and part of something larger, part of a community of girls who are learning and accomplishing.”

While there had already been some learning opportunities for Bais Yaakov alumni in Minneapolis, the school felt the need to provide a more structured program, since more alumni than ever before had returned to Minneapolis this year. The school became aware of Lechu V’Nelcha after an article about the program appeared in Hamodia.

Mrs. Adina Cohen, events coordinator for Bais Yaakov, was asked to contact Rebbetzin Fink. Mrs. Cohen recalls that once they contacted Rebbetzin Fink, there was no turning back, as she was extremely excited about opening a branch in Minneapolis, and offered to fly out to Minneapolis to help launch the program. The Minneapolis program is unique in that Mrs. Cohen will be directing the program as part of a salaried position, rather than as a volunteer. This underscores Rebbetzin Gibber’s opinion that Lechu V’Nelcha is extremely vital to chinuch habanos, and that coordinating the program must be taken very seriously.

Plans for Lechu V’Nelcha in Minneapolis include weekly classes given by local speakers, and hopefully monthly social gatherings. Topics for the shiurim will include guidance on dealing with relevant issues, such as working in secular environments, teaching, or shidduchim. In addition, the girls hope to join national Lechu V’Nelcha Shabbatons when possible. As part of the Lechu V’Nelcha network, the girls can also access the hook-up to Rebbetzin Fink’s weekly shiur given in Brooklyn.

At the launch on Sunday, Rebbetzin Fink spoke to the girls about the importance of maintaining one’s she’ifos and inspiration, and staying “plugged in” spiritually. Whether in the workplace, in college, or when involved in shidduchim, it is crucial to maintain a connection. Rebbetzin Fink also emphasized the importance of using mentors and teachers to help guide one through this crucial period, and the significance of being part of a group that wants to grow together.

Later in the evening, Rebbetzin Fink addressed the women in Minneapolis, delivering divrei chizuk for Elul, at a gathering hosted by Mrs. Chashy Spar. Rebbetzin Fink spoke about evaluating what is really important to us, and encouraged the women to take on one kabbalah that will be “chok v’lo yaavor” – inviolate in our lives, something that we can do consistently, no matter what.

In addition to Minneapolis, a branch of Lechu V’Nelcha is starting in South Bend, Indiana. Spearheaded by Mrs. Rivky Lerman, principal of Bais Yaakov High School of South Bend, the program will feature weekly hook-ups to Rebbetzin Fink’s Brooklyn lecture, and hopefully, participation in national Shabbatons and other programs. As in Minneapolis, the South Bend girls are very excited about joining a larger network of post-seminary girls.

Mrs. Lerman relates, “Rebbetzin Fink has been very committed to helping us set up a new branch of Lechu V’Nelcha.  As an out-of-town community, we appreciate every opportunity to stay connected. Lechu V’Nelcha is exceptional in the manner that they have reached out to us.”

For more information about a LVN branch near you, or to start a branch in your neighborhood, please call the info-line at 718-4- 800-LVN (586) or email Lvnglobal@gmail.com