New LVN Branch in Mexico

Mexico has joined the Lechu V’Nelcha family! Thank you to our director, Mrs. Tzipporah Zelasko, and to our coordinators, Feigui Marcovich and Judy Sadovitch, for launching Lechu V’Nelcha to the eight post-seminary girls in Mexico. The director and coordinators of the Mexico branch worked tirelessly to ensure that all the girls could benefit from this special opportunity for growth. The Rebbetzin gave her shiur in Hebrew and the LVN theme song was translated to Spanish for their listening pleasure.

The launching was beautiful! It’s so special to see how much heart and work went into it, making it a unique experience for their small community. The branch in Mexico embodies the message that though the language may be different, the universal need for spiritual recharging is the same.

!יה”ר שתהא שם שמים נתקדש על ידיכן