New LVN Branch in Williamsburg!

The pictures depicting the way the room was set up for Williamsburg’s inaugural event told me a story of careful planning and excited anticipation by the evening’s coordinators, Zissy Perl, Chavie Follman and Reizy Hechel. So much thought and effort went into every detail to enhance the experience for each and every girl that braved the bitingly cold evening to attend the shiur. Sixty chairs lined up in rows, each chair holding a LVN labeled water bottle and two-tone cookie in LVN’s signature colors, both with the personal message – “Welcome – Glad you joined.” Included as well was the LVN pen, the ideal memento for the evening’s attendees.

The sweet table was a sight to behold – so much thought and time had obviously been invested in creating such an inviting spread. Beautiful professional cookies bearing the LVN logo, mouthwatering peanut chews, sweets, homemade cookies and confections in LVN labeled glass jars and a very tempting trifle. Everything artfully arranged to add to the ambience and make the girls feel welcome.

As the room filled with an overflowing crowd and all the 60 seats were taken, their faces told a story as well – one of eidelkeit, sincerity and a desire for inspiration and truth. The audience was made up of post-high school and post-seminary girls from every chassidus in the community, all melding together to satisfy their thirst to hear and learn and grow.

Rebbetzin Fink opened the evening by discussing the value of growing in ruchniyus. She explained that when you make an effort to climb in ruchniyus every achievement multiplies its effect a thousand-fold in terms of how it affects you as eved Hashem, which contrasts sharply to gashmiyus where anything you acquire just adds to what you have but does not change who you really are.

Rebbetzin Fink then showed the girls a slideshow which gave the viewer a glimpse of the over 25 other LVN branches world-wide. For the Williamsburg girls, some of whom hadn’t even heard of LVN before joining their own new branch, it was an eye-opener to the magnitude of this global movement.

After the shiur, the girls had the chance to meet and greet each other, and partake of the many delicious treats just begging to be tasted. As the crowd thinned a bit, the remaining girls began to dance, moved by the excitement of having been a part of something so huge and elevating.

The feedback reflected the impact that had been felt by all those who had come. “I’ve been waiting for a group shiur to start and it was definitely worth the wait!” “It was such a zechus to get so many girls under one roof to listen to a shiur.” “I had a wedding but choose to attend anyway and I’m so glad I did!” “I was so blown away…. I’m committed!” “Williamsburg really needed this!”

We wish the Williamsburg LVN branch much hatzlachah as they embark on this path of combined friendship and growth, joining thousands of others who are doing the very same thing all over the world.

Tzippy Zager