When I came home from Eretz Yisrael mid-seminary year to sit shiva with my family after my sister’s petira, I was greeted warmly by a woman who came to be minachem avel. She introduced herself and humbly told me about her post seminary shiurim that I could take advantage of when I came back from seminary. Little did I know then that she was Rebbetzin Fink, the founder of Lechu V’Nelcha – a program which provides a weekly shiur for post seminary girls in over 40 locations!
As a fresh seminary graduate, of course I wanted to hold on to my ruchnius and to continue growing despite leaving the safe cocoon of seminary in Eretz Yisrael. I was so grateful to know the address where like-minded girls gathered once a week to build and maintain our Torah true hashkafos. It didn’t matter who I rubbed shoulders with during my busy work days, because I knew where I could find girls who I could relate to and create long lasting friendships with.

Lechu V’Nelcha has provided so much for me on a personal level. This is my sixth year in the workforce, and I have the zechus of being a member of Rebbetzin Fink’s shiur in her cozy Boro Park home every Monday night. All girls who know me well have heard about my weekly shiur that literally gives me chizuk for the entire week! I often look around and see girls who are lacking so much, yet they just don’t realize what a weekly shiur and social gathering can provide for a girl during the transitional stage between seminary and marriage. Aside for the shiurim themselves, Lechu V’Nelcha arranges seasonal events, Shabbatons, and Chol Hamoed trips that create lasting memories and make me feel part of something big.