Dear Rebbetzin Fink,

No words are enough to thank you for the amazing Shabbaton you gave the girls! My daughter, ”had the best Shabbos ever”. You made the girls feel so special and taken care of. From the beautiful hotel, plenty of delicious food, the singing and dancing and of course the wonderful speakers …. and all the little details you included to create a positive atmosphere of togetherness and growth. A chance for the girls to meet and make new friends and to connect. And to have fun in a kosher, organized venue that’s tailored to their needs and stage in life. I didn’t realize how necessary and important and how much such a program can achieve in one Shabbos until I saw my daughter’s face glowing when she came home!

Thank you for your time and devotion! I’m sure I can’t properly imagine how much effort and coordination goes into organizing a spectacular event such as this, and I am truly appreciative! May Hashem bless you with health and success always!