A Lechu V’Nelcha Shabbaton is something completely out of this world!!! From the minute you arrive, all throughout Shabbos, and until way longer after you leave, you’re enveloped in a special cloud of something INCREDIBLE!!! There really is no way to describe it, unless experienced. The shiurim, speakers, friendships, accommodations…even the food, hotel…everything about it- the camaraderie is so so so WONDERFUL!!!

There was no better way to end it with Marion Fine’s hysterical humor, the dancing, and super fun cooking show on Sunday. Not to mention Bracha Jaffe’s kumzitz…it was so REAL- creating song into tefillah! Rabbi Miller’s profound and keen insight left me open-mouthed as he pulled all the threads together at the end. Just so unbeleivable! Ms. Batya Feigenbaum is one AMAZING person walking the face of this Earth. Mrs.Tzirel Rubinstein shared some practical eye opening shidduch advice. And there’s no way not to get deeply affected by Mrs. Ben Shalom’s contagious heartening love for Torah! My entire appreciation and perspective has changed! Rabbi & Mrs. Rubashkin’s unwavering Bitachon taught that no matter what, Hashem is there. Aleph and Bais ( Emunah & Bitachon) pulled them through, knowing Gimmel (Geulah) will follow. For 8.5 years, there was no freedom; all she knew was that Aleph, Bais, then going back to Aleph=spells ABA! Her father is in charge! So so inspiring. Each speaker was so on target and insightful. Rabbi Gramma, Mrs. Miller, Rebbetzin Shlomtzy Weiss with her witty brilliance…it was just out of this world indeed!

All I can say is that I LIVE OFF IT, always looking forward to the next LVN Shabbaton! Thank you, and I will Iy”h try to DO thank you!

May Hashem give you all the koach to continue doing this for Klal Yisrael!

New Square, New York