I read the interview with Reb. Dinah Fink with excitement as Lechu V’Nelcha still holds a fond place in my heart. Those days were sweeter than honey! The shiurim and the trips and the Shabbatons– just being part of such a sincere, friendly and elevated group of girls.

I will add that Lechu V’Nelcha was definitely more than just a filler for those years until marriage. I feel that there was an aspect of chinuch I gained there that I did not receive in all my previous years of schooling. Particularly in the area of avodas hamidos-as a focus and goal in life. We learned to constantly ask ourselves: What middah do I need to work on to get through this challenge? It is a mindset of growth that gives my life constant meaning until today.

Also-balance. Reb. Fink’s teachings were lofty in their ideals yet always brought down to practical application. Feelings of superiority were never tolerated. A balance in our relationship with Hashem, people, and ourselves. It was an idealistic yet happy, friendly and wholesome environment.

These hashkafos are invaluable to me, especially now as a wife and mother. I thank Hashem for giving them to me and I tell every seminary graduate: Don’t miss out!

Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael