Dear Rebbetzin Fink,

Monday night shiurim at the Fink mikdash me’at were set in stone no matter the weather, weddings or workload. Spectacular Shabbatons left a lasting impression and everlasting friendships – Komemiyus, Hilton, Crowne, Sqvere and Wyndham. Due to Rebbetzin Fink’s ideals, Lechu V’Nelcha is an integral and treasured part of my life. Thank you for opening your heart and home to us all. Thank you for sharing priceless lessons in your positive and engaging way. It is a zechus to be a part of such a wonderful kevutzah.

May Hashem bentch your avodas hakodesh with dazzling siyata dishmaya. May you see outstanding nachas from your family and talmidos.