Dear Reb Fink
I have no words so I wont thank
But if I dont I will faint
I want to say just how beautful Shabbos was
Like it always is
Where every girl can connect and grow
And have what to show
From food (never saw so much food in my life!) to speakers
To girls to activities and worskhops
A hit it was
Hours and hours was well worth it
So thank you for putting it all in
Months we wait for it in advance
So you can know it was for good reason
Thank you for an unnecessary mention of my name and the gift
Its a pleasure to be a part of the LVN family
The inspiration was another level
Rubashkin spoke to home for me
And Marion was as funny as can be
Trampoline dancing was so fun
And the choir was gorgeous too!!
It reminded me when I was young
I learned the song in 7th grade
Never heard or sang it again
I was able to sing along every word
May you continue doing this beautful work
And may you be strong to continue with the energy that you always have!
Thanks again!

Sincerely, with love

Flatbush, New York