Lichvod Rebbetzin Fink,
I don’t know where to begin..?! The Shabbaton was truly a gift of a lifetime, money well spent… I can’t begin to imagine the koichos that went into it, the effort, the time…everything…I gained so much from all the shiurim, from the meals spent with all different ehrliche and emesdige girls yearning to grow. The conversations at the seudos were all so toichendig and we all felt that the group was just unique! The kumzitz was beautiful and so full of meaning! Thank you for all the amazing speakers that were brought in for it! Thank you for introducing me to Rabbi Milller-truly a zechus! The workshops were so practical and so relevant to our lives! I told my mother that when I left the Hilton I felt like I was leaving the airport back from seminary! We were in a bubble that I hope will never pop… baruch Hashem for Lechu V’Nelcha and it’s truly an honor for me to have a small part in it!
Thank you so much again! Tizki l’mitzvos! May Hakadosh Baruch Hu give you a lot of koach to be able to continue going strong in your avodos hakodesh of lighting up the spiritual world of others!

Looking forward to having you speak for our branch very soon in Yerushalayim!

Monsey, New York