That was AMAZING!
I LOVED the Shabbaton.
I’m grateful for coronavirus (not the part that people are suffering) because living in England I was able to join for the first time so that literally made me super happy – that’s part of the silver lining for me.
The lectures and shiurim were amazing and they all gave me a practical take away and food for thought.
I really enjoyed the game, it was really well done and hilarious and inspiring and the exercise was also really fun!
The singing at the end was so homey and just wrapped up the whole weekend so beautifully.
Thank you SO SO SO much for all the effort you must have put in to this, it is so evident that you worked really hard and I’m so happy it went global.
In total admiration and gratitude

Manchester, England


Dearest Rebbetzin Fink, Chasya Miriam and all the people behind Lechu V’Nelcha,

Wow! What an incredible Chanukah “present” ! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! Reading through the notes brought me back to the Shabbaton itself- those surreal, magical 3 days of Good, Better, BEST!
When I think back at my year so far, my high points have been the Yomim noraim and Sukkos, Lechu V’Nelcha Shabbaton, and of course Chanukah that just passed. The shabbaton figuratively “filled me up” with chizuk for the winter. All of the speakers were amazing, beyond words! PHENOMENAL! Each message really resonated! From Rabbi Miller’s high level shiurim that felt like a continuation of Sem, to the Rubashkin’s who are a living lesson in emunah and living a life of avodas Hashem, to Rabbi Grama’s good old chizuk delivered in such a warm way, to Mrs. Ben Shalom’s Eretz Yisrael-dik words, to Rebbetzin Fink’s loving presence and emesdik Hashkafah… I don’t have adequate words to express what it did for me!
There was also the whole social aspect, getting to know so many AMAZING girls, and the beauty of 300 voices singing together on shabbos and at the kumzits motzei Shabbos! The whole atmosphere at Shabbaton was one of growth and positivity, and everything was so cheshboned out and exact to give us the most we could possibly get… Thank you! Thank You! THANK YOU!!!
I am so proud to be a part of Lechu V’Nelcha, and even more so, I feel so grateful to Rebbetzin Fink and Lechu V’Nelcha for the weekly shiur with all of the continuous Torah, hashkafos, and lessons in avodas hamiddos.
Tizku l’mitzvos!!
With much appreciation and admiration,
A proud Lechu V’Nelcha member!



Dear Rebbetzin Fink,

No words are enough to thank you for the amazing Shabbaton you gave the girls! My daughter, ”had the best Shabbos ever”. You made the girls feel so special and taken care of. From the beautiful hotel, plenty of delicious food, the singing and dancing and of course the wonderful speakers …. and all the little details you included to create a positive atmosphere of togetherness and growth. A chance for the girls to meet and make new friends and to connect. And to have fun in a kosher, organized venue that’s tailored to their needs and stage in life. I didn’t realize how necessary and important and how much such a program can achieve in one Shabbos until I saw my daughter’s face glowing when she came home!

Thank you for your time and devotion! I’m sure I can’t properly imagine how much effort and coordination goes into organizing a spectacular event such as this, and I am truly appreciative! May Hashem bless you with health and success always!



It was an incredible inspiring Shabbos! The girls all shine kah. It was also extremely well organized down to the smallest details…Wishing you much hatzlachah.



Dear Rebbetzin Fink,

Monday night shiurim at the Fink mikdash me’at were set in stone no matter the weather, weddings or workload. Spectacular Shabbatons left a lasting impression and everlasting friendships – Komemiyus, Hilton, Crowne, Sqvere and Wyndham. Due to Rebbetzin Fink’s ideals, Lechu V’Nelcha is an integral and treasured part of my life. Thank you for opening your heart and home to us all. Thank you for sharing priceless lessons in your positive and engaging way. It is a zechus to be a part of such a wonderful kevutzah.

May Hashem bentch your avodas hakodesh with dazzling siyata dishmaya. May you see outstanding nachas from your family and talmidos.